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This is where the support team communicates with our customers about any system issues. If you are experiencing problems, but do not see any issues listed on this site, please contact our support department. You can register for an account, and be notified of issues by clicking on the register button in the upper right corner of this page.
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Web Servers Operational
Server A Operational
Server B Operational
Webserver C Degraded Service
Webserver D Operational
Telephone System Operational
Voicemail Operational
Email System Downtime

Current Open outages

Email System

SummaryHard drive failure
Current statusProblem identified
Open time03 May 2017 10:56


03 May 2017 10:57[Problem identified] We've identified the bad drive. Purchasing a new one now
03 May 2017 10:56[Investigating]

Webserver C

SummaryThe webserver is serving pages slowly
ImpactDegraded Service
Current statusProblem identified
Open time03 May 2017 09:54


03 May 2017 10:02[Problem identified] Looks like a memory issue
03 May 2017 09:54[Investigating]