KnownOutage is designed to allow technical, or support staff to quickly and efficiently convey outages and service disruption information and updates to users. With KnownOutage, people can subscribe to the services that they wish, and be alerted to any changes or outages that are reported.

As a user, you'll get alerts as people discover, isolate, and resolve various issues - no need to interrupt others to request updates. Likewise, you'll only be notified when services you subscribe to have issues - no more alerts for things that don't impact you.

Getting started:

To start, you'll need to signup for an account by clicking the link in the upper right hand corner. Once registered, you'll be able to login as a standard user, and be directed to the main status page. From the status page, you'll be able to view the current status of all services. From the Status page you'll also be able to subscribe to email alerts for each monitored service.