What is KnownOutage?

KnownOutage allows you to quickly and easily communicate problems and updates (we call them "issues") with employees, customers, or anyone that's interested.  This is typically the status of your corporate webservers, email, internet access, but could also include things like facilities (power, water, etc), anything that you need to quickly communicate to many people would be perfect for KnownOutage.

I've seen other status scripts, what makes KnownOutage different?

  • Other status scripts take an "all or nothing" approach, meaning that you signup for alerts, and you get every single alert - if the datacenter that doesn't house your servers has a problem - you get an alert, if the power goes out in the Timbuktu, your getting an alert.  KnownOutage allows users to signup for only the alerts that they want - there's no need to alarm your users about things that don't impact them.
  • No recurring fee.  To purchase KnownOutage, there is only a one time fee.  There's no monthly recurring fee, or other gotchas.
  • You run KnownOutage on your own servers.  This means you control your own data, and you decide who sees it.  You status page will only be available on the internet if you choose - this is perfect for corporate intranets.

What does KnownOutage look like?

The easiest way to get a feel for KnownOutage is to take a look at our demo, available here: Demo KnownOutage

Administration panel:

Administration Panel

Main Page:

Main Page

Logging a new issue:

Logging a new issue