• Get the word out quickly



    Doing planned maintenance, or having a brief outage?  Let your users, employees, or anyone who's interested know quickly and easily.

  • Spend time fixing problems



    Leave the user communication chores to us.  You'll resolve issues faster and have more satisfied users

  • Keep users up to date



    Power outage?  Email server down?  Easily provide updates.

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  • Let your users know what's going on.

    Don’t keep your employees in the dark during a crisis – shed some light on the situation with KnownOutage During an unplanned outage time is of the essence, and notifying the people effected is often an afterthought. We offer a way to streamline those notifications and keep everyone on the same page. Not only will you have more time to actually solve the problem, but communicating the issue, updates, and the resolution with your users will be a breeze.

  • Easy to use web based system.

    Our software runs on your web server, and provides an easy to use website for your employees to both acknowledge outages, and to get status updates. This website can be internal (for employees only), or customer facing, if you want to get the word out to the public. We have a simple to use interface that looks great on both desktops and mobile devices.


KnownOutage is a robust system that makes communication a breeze

  1. Simple “Stop Light” (green, yellow, red) status indicators show the status of each service.
  2. Historical notes are kept, so you can see when past outages occurred.
  3. Users can subscribe to each service, and receive alerts when that service is updated.
  4. Unlimited number of administrators (people who can create and update services)
  5. Unlimited number of users (people who receive alerts)
  6. Unlimited number of services (i.e. network, telephones, facilities, websites, servers, email)
  7. Mobile friendly, so it will look great on your smart phone, desktop, or tablet.